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Yacht Delivery Voyages 1987-2013, 118 voyages for the author to blog about

List of 118 of Eric's sailing & power voyages from ages 16 to 43

The worst voyage: Mate aboard 65' ketch CHEBEC mid-Atlantic between Bermuda and Belgium, age 20. The winds were clocked at over 67 knots before they broke the anemometer. Note that the Bimini cover as well as the rail coverings are all shredded by the wind, and the author's tether, or leash holding him to a stanchion on the right foreground (the yellow line) is whipping in the wind. Photo by Mark Aitkin of NZ.


c.75,000+ nautical miles sailed since c.1987
c.100 vessels/voyages run (subtracting for double entries)
Captain since 1993 (Trans-Pacific, 68' ketch Panama-NZ age 23)
Licensed Master, USCG 100 ton since 1995 (age 25)
Key: WC = Watch Captain – Wiberg served as Captain/Operator unless otherwise noted


118 Old Saybrook CT-Norwalk CT, 52' power PELAGIC MAGIC, crew, September


117 Bermuda-Newport, Bristol 48’ USHUAIA, Wiberg Crew, July


116 Day racing, Riverside YC, Connecticut, S/Y J-40, Crew, Spring 2006


115 Shelter Isl. NY-Block Isl.-Wickford RI, 35' Oceanis SEAQUESTERED, Oct.
114 Newport RI-Larchmont NY, 65' Little Harbor PANACEA, Kiragu, Gray, Sep.
113 Newport RI-Wilson's Creek CT, Able 32' sloop LOON, Wiberg, Gray, Aug.
112 Portsmouth RI-Portland, Maine, Swan 48' CYGNE, Wiberg co-skipper, Aug.
111 Newport-Portsmouth RI, 70' Hinckley MISCONDUCT, daysails, Wiberg, crew
110 Bermuda – Marion MA, Beneteau 41’ SLIDERULE, Wiberg Capt., June


109 Eliot Maine - Portsmouth RI, 33' Tiara twin-power INTREPID Oct, Wiberg/Gray
108 Padanaram MA-Newport RI, 60' Little Harbor SANS TERRE, Oct. Kiragu/Wiberg
107 Islip Long I. NY-Portsmouth RI, 28' Legacy SOUTHPAW, Sept. Wiberg/Johnson
106 Bristol-Newport-Bristol RI, 42' Swan ANTARES, Jul-Sept, Cutler, Wiberg Mate
105 Newport-Hyannis-Nantucket MA, 53' Swan ESCAPE, Capt. S Woolfson, Wiberg
104 Portsmouth-Bristol RI, 42' Swan ANTARES, June, Capt. Zach Cutler, Mate Wiberg


103 Newport Harbor, Oldport Marine launches ECHO, ROUNDER, boat show
101 Newport, Narragansett Bay, 80' Fife ADVENTURESS, Capt. Casey, Wiberg, crew
100 Marion-Bermuda Race, 42’ Catalina S/Y NORTH STAR II, Wiberg Nav. (3rd Place)
99 St. Martin-Bermuda-Sag Harbor, Bristol 57’ sloop S/Y GALATEA, May-Jun.,
98 Wilmington NC to Beaufort, Hinckley 44’ S/Y MAGIC FLUTE, May, Wiberg


97 Newport Harbor Christmas Lights, 70' motoryacht ONIWA, Dec, Wiberg, Crew
96 Bermuda-Port Jeff. NY Farr 395 S/Y CARPE DIEM, June, Wiberg, Chad
95 Nantucket-Sag Harbor NY, Beneteau 40’ S/Y SABA, Jul., Wiberg & Mike Hall
94 RI-Block I, Cuttyhunk, Vineyard, Tucket, Juneau 52’ S/Y CARPE DIEM II, Wiberg
93 Padanaram-Vineyard-Tucket-Hadley-Menemsha, Juneau 52’ S/Y CARPE DIEM II
92 Newport-Bristol, Halberg Rassey 42’ S/Y ALCYONE, May, Wiberg
91 Newport - Westport MA, 80' maxi catamaran MAIDEN 2, daycrew, Spring
90 Jamestown RI-Rye NY, Swan 44’ S/Y MANGO May, Wiberg, mate
89 Newport-Bristol-Newport RI Navy charters, QUICK STEP, PATRIOT, Oldport
88 S.Freeport ME-Nahant MA, 40’ Alberg S/Y MINUET Sep., Don Miller, Mate
87 Hull MA-Jamestown RI, 40’ sloop S/Y NIGHT WIND, Sep., Miller, Wiberg, mate
86 Newport-Port Jeff, NY, 42’ sloop S/Y K2 Newport-NY, May, Wiberg
85 Portsmouth-Newport RI, 44’ sloop S/Y GITANA IV, Jun., Wiberg
84 Newport-Portsmouth RI, Swan 46’ S/Y BABE, Aug., Wiberg
83 Barrington-Jamestown RI, Farr 395 S/Y SAOIRSE, Jul., Wiberg, skipper
82 Newport-Narragansett, 14’ SKIFF, via trailer and it’s own hull, May (smallest yet)
81 Newport – Block Island Oldport Launch HOPE, for Oldport Marine, Wiberg
80 Newport – Edgartown Martha’s Vineyard, Oldport launch ROUNDER, Wiberg
79 Portsmouth-Newport, Beneteau 42’ SUMMER WIND, for Bareboat Sailing
78 Fairhaven MA-Newport RI, tow, 40’ S/Y SAIL for Oldport, May, Wiberg, mate
77 Newport, Portsmouth, RI, 45' workboat QUICK STEP, Oldport, mooring/towage


76 New England charter, Beneteau 44’ S/Y KARKARA, Aug, Wiberg
75 Marion Bermuda Race, 36' Baltic S/Y SHEHARAZADE, Wiberg, Nav. Jun.
74 Portsmouth-Newport RI, Farr 395 S/Y SAOIRSE, Capt. Matt Gerl, crew
73 Newport Harbor, Narragansett Bay, Oldport Marine launches ECHO, ROUNDER
71 Antigua-Bermuda-Block-Black Rock CT, 42' Mariner SHARAZAD, Wiberg


70 Newport-Bermuda-St. Thomas, USVI 53’ Little Harbor ENVOY, Nov., Wiberg mate
69 Newport-Stamford CT-NY-Rock Hall MD, 48’ Oyster AMAYESING, Sep. Capt.
68 Newport-South Norwalk CT, M/V McKINNA 57, Sep., Wiberg, Phil Holmes
67 Rock Hall -Block I.-Newport-Cuttyhunk-Vineyard-Newport, AMAYESING, Aug.
66 SW Harbor ME-Bristol RI, 50’ Shannon S/Y GAVIA IMMER, Aug., Wiberg
65 Christmas Cove, Maine - Newport, 35’ Hinckley sloop GLORY, Aug., Wiberg mate
64 TRANSAT Bermuda-Azores-Channel I, UK, 46’ Swan MARUTI Jun.-Jul., mate
63 Newport-Bermuda Race, 62’ S&S sloop WAR BABY, Jun., Wiberg, crew
62 Bermuda -Newport, 53’ J-160 sloop CONDOR, May, Wiberg, Joy Baum mate
61 Newport-Tortola, BVI, via Bermuda, Oyster 55’ ADVENTURE, Apr., Wiberg
60 Chaguaramas, Trinidad-Grenada, 12-meter STIARNA (caught fire, sank), Feb.
59 Newport RI, hundreds trips OMS launches HOPE, ECHO, ROUNDER, 1998-2004


56 Southwest Harbor Maine - Jamestown RI , 44' Mason sloop NIMBUS, Aug.
55 Newport, Jamestown RI, hundreds short trips, 24' Ensign VALENTINE, 1999-2000
54 Cross-Newport Harbor, 32’ sail CAROLINA, June, Wiberg
53 Newport-Tortola, BVI, via Bermuda, Beneteau 43’ ELLEE, Nov.-Dec., Wiberg
52 Newport-Lauderdale via Norfolk, Charleston, 52’ Little Harbor CALICO, Oct.,
51 Newport-Lauderdale via Beaufort, Charleston, 54’ Little Harbor WINDRIVEN, Sept.
50 Newport-Port Canaveral via Annapolis, Charleston, Oyster 53’ SUSIE Q 3, Sep.
49 SW Harbor ME-Newport, 42’ Little Harbor picnic, BOLYA, Sept., Wiberg, mate
48 Newport Cross-Harbor, Oyster 55' AD-VENTURE, Sept, Wiberg
47 Newport Harbor, Narragansett Bay, Oldport Marine launch ECHO, night shift
46 Portsmouth RI, photoshoot, 50 sloop QUINTESSENCE, Wiberg, skipper
45 Jamestown-Block I.-Vineyard-Nantucket, 46' Swan BABE, Charter, Aug., Wiberg
44 Lockeport, Nova Scotia-Newport, RI 40’ Swan XENOPHON, Jul., Wiberg, mate
43 Bermuda - Newport & Pilot’s Point, 62’ S & S sloop WAR BABY, Jul., Wiberg, crew
42 Marion - Bermuda Race, record-holder WAR BABY, Jun, Wiberg, crew
41 Antigua - Newport via Bermuda, 52' Hinckley ANORE, May, Wiberg


40 Newport Harbor, Narragansett Bay, Oldport Marine launches ECHO, ROUNDER
38 Newport-Bermuda Race, 42’ Benneteau sloop ENDLESS SUMMER, Jun, watch Capt
37 Stratford CT-Portsmouth RI, Swan 46’ sloop BABE, Wiberg, mate
36 Bahamas, various short voyages, 26' Mako SHOAL SHAKER, family boat 1992-2005


35 Singapore, races, short deliveries SE Asia, Hunter 42’ ARTEMIS, 1995-1998, Wiberg
34 Jurong to Changi, Singapore, 36' CHEOY LEE sloop, Wiberg, Mate
33 Singapore-Sentosa, numerous day trips, 23' POWER boat, Wiberg, Crew/Operator


32 Bermuda-Newport, Beneteau 42’, ENDLESS SUMMER, July, Wiberg, Watch Capt.
31 Singapore-Visakhapatnam India-Singapore, 30,000 DWT M/T EDMO, supercargo


30 Newport-Bra d’Or, NS, Canada, 62’ Little Harbor MOONRACER, Aug., crew
29 Inagua Bahamas-Norfolk-NY, 40,000DWT M/V ATLANTIC ERIE, salt, supercargo
28 Nassau Bahamas-Andros, return, 5,000 DWT water barge MT TITAS, supernumerary
27 Newport-Block Island, 60' sloop NYCE, Capt. Ashton, Wiberg, Crew, Aug
26 Crooked, Acklins Islands, Bahamas, 26' SLOOP, Wiberg, Island Expedition Crew
25 Turks & Caicos-Nassau via southern Bahamas, 65’ sloop CASADORE, Wiberg, crew


24 TRANSPAC Galapagos-New Zealand via Marquesas, Tahiti, Cook I., Tonga, STORNOWAY


24 Panama-Galapagos, 68’ Burma-teak Nicholson ketch STORNOWAY, Dec., Wiberg
23 W. Palm Beach, FL, 117' M/Y JEANETTE, training, THE OTHER WOMAN, Nov.
22 Newport-Lauderdale via Bahamas, 62’ Mason JADEANTE, Sept., Wiberg, crew
21 Camden Maine, Newport RI, Jongert 65' SERENETY OF SEA, daywork, summer
20 Camden, ME-Newport/Portsmouth RI 48' Frers sloop WHISPER, Aug, Wiberg, Mate
19 Camden-Penobscot Bay, Maine, cruises, 28' sloop WHITE WING, Wiberg, Mate
18 Bermuda-Camden, ME - Newport, 48’s Frers sloop WHISPER, Jul., Wiberg WC
17 Marion - Bermuda Race, 48’ aluminum sloop WHISPER, June, Wiberg, WC


16 various New England winter training voyages, S/Y WHISPER, Wiberg, crew
15 Bahamas; dozens of trips, 18' Boston Whaler MA'WESSEL II, family boat 1989-1992
14 Port Everglades FL-Nassau, 150’ Australian tall ship YOUNG ENDEAVOUR, lliason


13 Lymington, England - Ireland - Brittany, France, 60’ WAR BABY, Wiberg, crew
12 TRANSAT Antigua-Bermuda-Belgium, 65’ ketch CHEBEC, 1991, Wiberg, mate


11 Nassau Harbor, Montague Bay, 40' RACER, Peter Christie, Commodore, RNSC
10 Bermuda-Lauderdale via Nassau, 42’ Wauquiez S/Y BON VIVANT, Aug., crew
9 Bermuda-Newport, 50’ Frers sloop RISING STAR, Mike Hall skipper, Wiberg crew


8 Bermuda-Newport, 39’ Cook sloop TEMPO, July, Wiberg boat-boy
7 Marion-Bermuda Race, 39’ custom Cook sloop TEMPO, June
6 Narragansett Bay, numerous day sails, Beneteau 35' BLACK SHEEP, Crew


5 Fernandez-Bennett’s, Cat Island, 62’ Abeking Rasmussen GERONIMO, student
4 Bahamas: various short voyages on 20' M/V MA’ WESSEL, family boat, 1985-1989


3 Lake Sebago, Maine, 21' AQUASPORT waterski boat, Wiberg, operator, camp
2 Boothbay Harbor, Maine and area, 42' sloop LOON-ATIC, Wiberg, young crew
1 Vestervik-Visby-Sandhamn-Stockholm, 32’ S/Y QU’ELLE AMIE, Wiberg, family 


  1. Eric,

    I don't understand your numbering system voyage 53 should be 56 it was the last voyage you did in 99, I know cos I was there!

  2. Hullo Pintal and great to hear from you after some 15 years.... You were the first ever "Echo Yacht Delivery Crew" and were joined by the young lady from Italy, if I recall. And the steering wheel on that boat was difficult to say the least. Thanks for all your help. I agree that the numbering system has errors - juggling so many voyages was a challenge and I've made some mistakes. Perhaps I should blog about NIMBUS first since it was the first Echo voyage - what say you? I won't use last names...Best regards, thanks for checking in, Eric

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